Foam Rolling for Strength, Balance and Relaxation

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foam roller spine stretch

Spine stretch on the foam roller

Like gluten-free foods and essential oils, foam rolling is making headlines. Inexpensive, lightweight and versatile, foam rollers are used for stretching, self-massage, strength and stability exercises. One of the nicest things about using a foam roller as a support for stretching is that you have a curved surface to work on. You are inches off the ground and chances of falling off are minimal so you can really relax into your stretch. You can find many creative ways to stretch with a foam roller. Pilates is known for core strengthening. When trying to maintain balance while working with an unstable surface, all of the deep muscles of the back and abdomen are fired to help maintain balance. Why are stability exercises important? A strong core can prevent you from falling, one of the most common ways to be seriously injured. Don’t you love it when a massage actually gets to just the spot you need to release? Well, try rolling that muscle or area on the foam roller. That means you put your body weight on the roller and gently rock and roll your way to stress relief. Those who attend the Foam Rolling classes report fewer aches and pains, more flexibility and a feeling of relaxation at the end of class.
BellaBody Pilates has two Foam Roller classes each week from 5:30-6:25pm. Tuesday is RollerBarre (half barre/half foam rolling, the best of both worlds) and Thursdays all Foam Roller. The class is geared for any age and ability. While you are guided through stretches, strength and stability exercises and massage techniques, you will laugh a lot! Please bring your own 36″x6″ foam roller or purchase a professional grade foam roller at BBP. Classes fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your space early.