Good Morning Arizona segment on Osteoporosis and Bone Health

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Good Morning Arizona with Dr. ThompsonI was graciously invited by Dr. Sharon Thompson from Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology to join her on a Good Morning Arizona segment discussing Osteoporosis and Bone Health. Doing a segment on a morning show is always exciting! In July 2009,  when I was working as a financial advisor I did a segment on “How to Avoid Ponzi Schemes” in the wake of the Bernie Madoff investment fraud scandal. Scott Pasmore conducted the interview and we sat at the desk. I remember thinking it was short and intense. I rehearsed my bullet points many times so I felt confident that I wouldn’t freeze up from being nervous. My biggest concern was that Michael Jackson had passed away the week before and his memorial service was scheduled the day of this segment. I thought the segment would be bumped but it wasn’t.

The atmosphere in the  studio is much different than you would imagine when viewing on your television. It is quieter than a library and somewhat of an obstacle course with the large camera cables snaking along the floor. The Good Morning Arizona studio has several niches with different types of sets–a kitchen, a couch/sitting area, weather screen, a green screen background and of course the main desk where the reporters sit. There are monitors everywhere and it is kind of cool to watch yourself while on stage but you have to be careful not to daydream. The pace is very quick and the interview is over before you know it. Olivia Fierro is a vivacious interviewer and I enjoyed interacting with her. Although Dr. Thompson and I prepared and rehearsed 4-6 different exercises to help with balance, we only had time to run through two of them very quickly. Excellent information on osteoporosis and how to promote bone health was provided by Dr. Thompson to the public and I am grateful that I was invited to demonstrate several of the Buff Bones exercises. I’d love to do it again sometime!

Osteoporosis and Bone Health Segment Good Morning Arizona