How Can I Improve My Balance So I Won’t Fall?  

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Unlike cats, we don’t always land feet first!

One thing that seems to be on everyone’s list is improving balance. Whether it’s due to a physical condition, weakness from a surgery or illness, or aging–unsteady balance affects one’s activities of daily living. Did you know that falling is the leading cause of injury-related mortality among Arizona residents 65 years and old in 2014? Falling is the leading reason for emergency room visits for those ages 45-64. Those are scary statistics! Falls can be prevented through modifications in the home such as eliminating throw rugs, adding nightlights, and installing grab bars in the shower. Medications, wearing high heels and getting up too quickly can lead to a fall. Famous people who’ve fallen include Paula Abdul (walking her dog), Barbara Walters, Beyonce, Madonna (falling down steps).  Building core strength can help with balance by improving posture and alignment. Developing core muscles help stabilize the torso. When wobbles happen, core stabilizer muscles kick in and keep you upright. Weight or resistance band training can help improve balance while improving muscle tone and bone density. 

Mat Pilates and Pilates for Buff Bones® classes incorporate functional movement, strength training and balance techniques while developing core strength and flexibility. These classes systematically follow specifically sequenced exercises that tone the arms, hips, back and abs, improve posture and create a sense of well-being and confidence.  

Mat Pilates classes at BellaBody Pilates are approved for those eligible for Silver Sneakers programs through their Medicare plans! Come take some classes and see what suits you. Most people see improvement after attending a few classes on a consistent basis. 

For more information on Silver Sneakers Mat Pilates classes and schedule, contact Deborah Lavinsky, PMA®-CPT at 602-318-5068 or

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