Pilates for the Older Adult – You CAN Age Gracefully!

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large_REFORMER-21Growing old does not have to mean giving up an active lifestyle. Whether it’s your weekly golf game or tennis league or playing with your grandchildren, Pilates can help keep the body supple, strong, maintaining good balance and posture. Pilates focuses on controlled breathing and quality of movement. Unlike conventional workouts that emphasize quantity of repetitions with heavy weights that work the extremities (arms and legs), Pilates sessions work to build a strong “core”– deep abdominal muscles along with muscles close to the spine. The exercises are low-impact and weight-bearing performed lying down or sitting and can be easily modified to accommodate abilities and physical concerns. Pilates teaches body awareness, control and stability working from a small range of motion to larger ranges of motion as strength and confidence increases. Why is this important to older adults? Simply put- use it or lose it! Balance and stability diminishes with age, joint replacements, medications and other medical conditions can all affect mobility and balance. The risk of falls increase with age and according to the Arizona Fall Prevention Coalition, falls were the #1 cause of injury-related deaths in 2014 in Arizona. Don’t be a statistic!

Pilates has also proven beneficial for those with osteoporosis by helping to build bone and increase balance. BellaBody Pilates has championed osteoporosis awareness and is the only studio in Phoenix that is licensed and trained to instruct the Pilates for Buff Bones® method. Pilates has also been documented to slow or reverse the effects of debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. The mid-range motion of the exercises can help people overcome rigidity and become more limber. It can even help with brain traumas like a stroke by helping to work the body symmetrically, improving balance and redeveloping mind body connections. Always confirm with your medical professional whether it is safe to exercise. BellaBody Pilates is a fully equipped studio offering group exercise classes including Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, Foam Rolling, Barre, and Buff Bones® 7 days a week. All BellaBody Pilates instructors are fully certified and proud of it!

For more information on how Pilates can improve your quality of life and to tour the studio, contact Deborah Lavinsky PMA®-CPT at 602-318-5068 or deb@bellabodypilates.com.